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Laws of the Game


11. Goal Line Technology (GLT)

GLT systems may be used to verify whether a goal has been scored to support the referee’s decision.

Where GLT is used, modifications to the goal frame may be permitted in accordance with the specifications stipulated in the FISA Quality Programme for GLT and with the Laws of the Game. The use of GLT must be stipulated in the competition rules.

Principles of GLT

GLT applies solely to the goal line and is only used to determine whether a goal has been scored.

The indication of whether a goal has been scored must be immediate and automatically confirmed within one second by the GLT system only to the match officials (via the referee’s watch, by vibration and visual signal).

Requirements and specifications of GLT

If GLT is used in competition matches, the competition organisers must ensure that the system is certified according to one of the following standards:

  • FISA Quality PRO

  • FISA Quality


An independent testing institute must verify the accuracy and functionality of the different technology providers’ systems in accordance with the FISA Quality Programme for GLT Testing Manual. If the technology does not function in accordance with the Testing Manual, the referee must not use the GLT system and must report this to the appropriate authorities.

Where GLT is used, the referee must test the technology’s functionality before the match as set out in the Testing Manual.