Use of VARs during a match involves the following practical arrangements:

  • The VAR watches the match in the video operation room (VOR) assisted by an assistant VAR (AVAR) and replay operator (RO)

  • Depending on the number of camera angles (and other considerations) there may be more than one AVAR or RO

  • Only authorised persons are allowed to enter the VOR or communicate with the VAR/AVAR/RO during the match

  • The VAR has independent access to, and replay control of, TV broadcast footage

  • The VAR is connected to the communication system being used by the match officials and can hear everything they say; the VAR can only speak to the referee by pushing a button (to avoid the referee being distracted by conversations in the VOR)

  • If the VAR is busy with a ‘check’ or a ‘review’, the AVAR may speak to the referee especially if the game needs to be stopped or to ensure play does not restart

  • If the referee decides to view the replay footage, the VAR will select the best angle/replay speed; the referee can request other/additional angles/speeds