Match official(s)

General term for person or persons responsible for controlling a Subbuteo match on behalf of a Subbuteo association and/or competition under whose jurisdiction the match is played


The main match official for a match who operates on the field of play. Other match officials operate under the referee’s control and direction. The referee is the final/ultimate decision-maker

Other match officials

‘On-field’ match officials

Competitions may appoint other match officials to assist the referee:

  • Assistant referee

A match official with a flag positioned on one half of each touchline to assist the referee particularly with offside situations and goal kick/corner kick/throw-in decisions

  • Official

A match official with responsibility for assisting the referee with both on-field and off-field matters, including overseeing the technical area, controlling substitutes etc.

  • Additional assistant referee (AAR)

A match official positioned on the goal line to assist the referee particularly with situations in/around the penalty area and goal/no-goal decisions

  • Reserve assistant referee

Assistant referee who will replace an assistant (and, if competition rules permit, an official and/or AAR) who is unable to continue

‘Video’ match officials

These are the VAR and AVAR who assist the referee in accordance with the VAR protocol

  • Video assistant referee (VAR)

A current or former referee appointed to assist the referee by communicating information from replay footage only in relation to a ‘clear and obvious error’ or ‘serious missed incident’ in one of the reviewable categories

  • Assistant video assistant referee (AVAR)

A current or former referee/assistant referee appointed to assist the video assistant referee (VAR)