History of
the Laws of the Game


first time unlimited alternate flicks appears

Subbuteo Handbook

·         Goalscoring - The ball must now be "fully over the (shooting) line" rather than the previous "more in than out." before you can shoot. 

·         The Throw-in

·         Positioning of figures "figures may be placed in position for the taking of goal kicks and free kicks", ……."for free kicks two figures of each side may be flicked into position". 

There has been a complete rewrite here, and many of the rule numbers have changed - i.e. "Rule 10: Injured Man", becomes "Rule 9: Injuries". However, the biggest change is the new rule six, or the "Defensive Flicks" rule. This is where the side not in possession gain alternate flicks for defensive purposes. The old advanced rules had a limited form of this (three alternate flicks when opponent crosses the halfway line), but this is the first time unlimited alternate flicks appears.

Another rule that only makes an appearance in the Advanced rules is the classic "hand ball" rule, where a figure lying prone commits hand ball if he is struck by the ball.