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Laws of the Game


Official languages

The ISAB publishes the Laws of the Game in English, French, German and Spanish. If there is any divergence in the wording, the English text is authoritative.

Other languages

National SAs which translate the Laws of the Game can obtain the layout template for the 2020/21 edition of the Laws from The ISAB by contacting:

National SAs which produce a translated version of the Laws of the Game using this format are invited to send a copy to The ISAB (stating clearly on the front cover that it is that national SA’s official translation) so it can be posted on The ISAB website for use by others.

Applying the Laws

The same Laws apply in every match in every confederation, country, town and village and, apart from the Modifications permitted by The ISAB (see ‘Modifications to the Laws’), the Laws must not be modified or changed, except with the permission of The ISAB.

Those who are educating match officials and other participants, should emphasise that:

·         referees should apply the Laws within the ‘spirit’ of the game to help produce fair and safe matches

·         everyone must respect the match officials and their decisions, remembering and respecting that referees are human and will make mistakes

Players have a major responsibility for the image of the game and the team captain should play an important role in helping to ensur


the main Law changes are highlighted and underlined in yellow. Editorial changes are underlined.
YC = yellow card (caution); RC = red card (sending-off).